Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to find Cheap and Free Books


In this blog entry, I am going to list my favorite sources of cheap and free books.

In one word: Amazon. In another: Ebay. And another two? Yard and Estate Sales.

And for FREE books, try the Gutenburg Site.

I'll start at the top: Amazon. If you haven't already discovered this site, it's time to go there and find out about it, because they have a LOT of choices. Their shipping fees are reasonable, too. You can not only find deals on NEW books, you can also buy USED books at Amazon.

I sell on Amazon. I have seen a lot of sellers selling books for only a penny! You might find a deal there for yourself for very cheap.

Here is another option for cheap and free books. A suggestion: many people don't know that you can also search Ebay Stores for items. I sell books and collectibles there, and have also bought many things there. I really think it's a buyers market right now.

The Gutenburg site has FREE ebooks which you can download to your computer or ebook reader. Check the book list to find out what is available.

Although it's not the season for yard sales, I plan to go searching for cheap books at yard sales this year whenever I can. You can really find deals there. I usually check for first editions and make sure each book is in great condition before I get it.

Here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you can find yard sale notices on the Daily News and in the Country Peddler. You can also go to the free Bowling Green, Kentucky area at Craigslist. You never know what you will find!

I don't usually get to go to these, because around here these happen mostly on Saturdays. But I hear you can find GREAT book deals there.

Thanks for visiting today, and good luck finding cheap or free books!

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