Monday, December 31, 2007

Saving Money on clothing - some hints!

Saving money. That's something I think about every day. One way of doing that is to think (hard) about getting by with less. Another way is to find places where you can get things cheap and/or free.

Of course, new things at standard stores are never cheap. But sometimes you can find a GREAT sale and pick up what you need at 50 - 75 - even 90 percent off. I try sales completely out of season at major stores. I am talking buying things a year ahead.

THINK AHEAD - - For instance, if you know you will want a swimsuit or two-piece next year, you should get one at the end of summer for next year. The price will definitely be right. The same goes for coats.

You must not be afraid of taking the time you need to inspect each item of clothing for loose buttons, rips, tears, etc. to make sure you get your money's worth. It's not worth getting something (even if it's really cheap) if you can't fix it.

Here is where things get interesting. You can ship at thrift stores and second-hand stores and find some great clothing treasures. But plan to spend even more time inspecting your cheap finds. Look at your items and even try them on to make sure they fit.

The size tags will often be missing - - that may be why the clothing was donated in the first place. And the sizes might even be completely wrong right on the sticker. But that's OK, because you are going to try it on first before you buy it.

If you have never shopped in a thrift store before, you may be nervous. But you will find that many people you thought wouldn't be caught DEAD in a thrift store will often shop there to find a good deal.

You can find many other things at thrift shops and second-hand stores, too. Just remember to carefully inspect everything you find, and make sure it's something you either want to keep or sell.

Check the upper shelves next to racks of clothes, too. Sometimes people throw things up there they want, but don't want others to find. Have the people who work there show you what is behind the glass shelves at the checkout. Sometimes there will be a treasure there.

So... even if your budget is cheap, cheap, cheap - - you can still have fun finding clothing and saving money if you shop sales and go to thrift shops.

As far a FREE clothing goes... if you go to yard sales at the end of the day, and make an offer... you just might find some useful things at almost free prices.

I look forward to putting lots of different topics here on the Cheap and Free Stuff Blog... it will be really fun! So come back often and check here or sign up soon to this blog's RSS feed which I will have here soon.
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