Saturday, May 28, 2022

My garden - - waiting on the sun. I am MORE prepared now, and concentrating on the positive things.

Well, a few trees next to the fence have taken over the garden area in a big way. 

(It all happened so fast!)

These are not them. BUT they are  pretty big.

 I am slowly getting rid of them. It is not easy. This shows that you must be vigilant and do things while they are easier.

I have more seeds now, for a GREAT garden when it happen (and the sun gets in...) and found a spading fork I did not even know I had.

Everything is a Learning Experience, I know.

How is YOUR garden coming? I am closer to my goal, although it is a slow process.


1. Stay positive

2. Don't give up.

3. Make lists.

4. Find a good book to read, and read it every day. I like series books, because they continue on for awhile.

These are a few of my methods to feel OK about what may be not a great garden this year.

We shall see.

It's not like there is not anything else to do around here. 


1. My front yard is better, AND my 2 lawn mowers are working. Yay!

2. I am getting some trimming done, and plan to do more.

3. I am using a phrase I read online, when I have worked, and everything is STILL not finished.

 This useful phrase is: 

 "It's better than it was." 

I hope things are going well with you, my awesome readers.


PS Leave a comment here using the comment area below - - how is your garden coming? Or your plans for a garden?

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