Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Starting up my blogs again. Wow! Getting my Garden Plot ready, planting some Memorial flowers, more.

Hey, hey, hey! A big welcome to all my readers. Will be posting more.

It is a good time to make a Posting on all my blogs.

I am a semi-new Widow, so will write about that later here or on another Blog. It was a hard time after my husband died in late April. It has been about 7 months now, going into Month 8. First Thanksgiving without him, and soon to be First Christmas without him, too. 

Right now I am dreaming about growing some tomatoes. And maybe also some sunflowers.

My sister had some raised beds I can try out in the Spring.

She and my other sister helped me get stuff OUT of my storage unit. This is helped me a lot. We also had a Thanksgiving together earlier. It was fun.

I have lots to do. But have a head start this Fall because I and my sister have done some pruning of the trees that will come down in the Spring to let the sun into the Garden Area.

I still have houseplants and brought one plant inside, after putting it in the ground. Not sure what kind it is, but will try to save it.

Will be selling books again, and have many great seeds I can start, also this Spring.

Comment if you are doing a garden next year. I think it will really help with savings!

Adding: Almost forgot. Will be getting back into Ebay, selling books and more, soon, also. Here I am there: and on FB: Come visit!

All for today,


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Posting this train in honor of my late husband, Rickey Sheppard. He loved trains!

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