Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In praise of Hollyhocks - a reminder to myself about my garden and more

 Hollyhocks. They're great.
Photo by Stephan Czuratis on Wikimedia Commons

<mine hopefully will be multi-colored>

I don't have these seeds yet. Which reminds me, I need to ORDER seeds soon. I may have to do this online, then order a catalog just in case from selected companies.

ALSO I need to check on my Health Care Application. It's stuck because A, I started too late, and B, I could not log into the Kynect site after my first Check It Out session. ::sigh::

Here is a link to my BIG list of Organic Seed Sites:

You know, another use for a personal blog (or 2 - or 3 or more) is to have a handy place to look for ideas and Must-Do Lists for yourself. :-)

Besides Hollyhocks, I am going to plant some sunflowers this year. Not only do they have nice seeds and look pretty, they are TALL.

Hollyhocks can be colorful and old-fashioned looking.

My apple tree was a hybrid, and supposed to be small and easy to care for. It has grown past all expectations. But maybe buying another fruit tree or bush might not be a bad idea.

Decisions, decisions.

All for today! I hope today finds you WARM and happy, my dear readers.


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