Monday, December 2, 2013

Transfer time! But probably later on...

I think I'll transfer this blog over to another one I have.

I keep saying this, but I actually found two more great links to help me with it.

Here they are:

How to migrate and combine blogs

More advice: merging multiple blogs – also how to make a new Wordpress blog

Not sure whether I will go the Wordpress route. I already have one Wordpress blog, and it has lots of options I have not figured out yet. Blogger does have a much easier interface, in my opinion.

Have you combined blogs before? Leave a comment if you have. One reason for moving this one is its name: I love From the Garden Spot, but the Cheap and Free Stuff name (what I did the blog for at first) is now not the main focus.

So onward we go. I should hopefully be able to do this by April or sooner.

I mean, why waste all the postings from this blog? Then I can also keep up with the blogs better and post more. I think it will be a win-win. The only thing that will NOT move over is the photos... at least, that seems to be the case.


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