Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chilly weather, WKU students, Christmas Cards, Jacquie Lawson

Chilly Weather: - I am helping out at the Pots Place today, all day for a change! Several WKU students came in to chat and look around for a class. They did not have winter coats on. I'll bet they get pretty cold today, as it is WINTER and Bowling Green, Kentucky is catching up to the rest of the country and getting chilly. I'm glad the ice storm passed us by mostly.

WKU Students: - seeing the students made me think about taking an art class. That would be fun.

Christmas Cards: - I have sent some, and still have more. One of these years, I will have addresses in a database, print them out, and have the cards also done ahead of time. I say this every year.

Jacquie Lawson: - I have had a lot of fun with Jacquie Lawson's online Advent Calendar this year, which features a delightful Victorian Mansion, complete with pets, scenery, and a library with Victorian books that open and talk about Christmases past. It's fun, plus eventually I can send my virtual cards online using the many choices she has. Take a peek here: - plus you can also send one as a gift.

You can go back in time and start from the beginning too. Hint: you can take the fun car trip again, just click on the car in the Pavilion on the table.


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