Saturday, May 19, 2012

A great writing website that includes photos of books and links

Musings from the Garden Spot. Looking for the weekly Events near Bowling Green Kentucky list? Here it is for this week. Bowling Green, Kentucky events May 16-23. Today I am learning more html, and discovering new writing sites. I love the way Paul Dorset has organized his writing site here. He calls his site "Utterances of an overcrowded mind." He also includes links and a mailing list signup. I want to reorganize my betsyanne site or maybe use my Elizabeth Sheppard site (not made yet) to be a writing site like this. I like the way Paul Dorset organizes his site with his books at the top, (with pictures) and also offers some free books and blogs about writing. How neat! So.... I will add this as another (fun) project to do. Are you a writer? Are you also thinking of making a writing site? I think having such a site could be an inspiration not only to a writer, but to others. Later! -Betsyanne Poet, Writer, Editor and Consultant Bowling Green, Kentucky PS Looking for images? I will have them on future postings. Right now I'm writing (and learning) on my iPad, and I am not used to doing some things on it, like adding photos. Bear with me! And please do leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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