Friday, January 27, 2012

My garden ideas for 2012 - order heritage seeds, have a raised bed garden

Have you planned your garden yet?

Now is the time I order or organize my garden seeds and plan out my garden.

I can start seeds in a greenhouse or a heated flat outside later on too, but this year I don't want to wait too long. I can plant seeds soon, and hopefully they will be ready to plant outdoors in the Spring.

I usually try to plan my garden this month, but wind up doing it later. But I have good intentions!

This year I hope to mound up some earth and have a raised bed garden and find my good fertilizer.
Food prices will continue to go up, an article I read in the newspaper said, so I think my little veggie garden will be just the ticket for me.

But I don't have all the seeds I want yet.

I want to have some natural and heritage seeds, so I can plant the plants this year AND have seeds for next year. Now's the time to order these, because I did not do it before. (Story of my life!)

I have some seed companies listed that you may like.

Here is that list:

Another BIG list of seed and garden catalogs.

Have a favorite seed catalog or website? Or do you just want to talk about gardening? Let me hear from you in a comment.

Happy gardening!

South Central Kentucky gardener
Still a learner!

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