Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photos from the Tennessee State Fair - it was fun!

What's fun? The Tennessee State Fair is.

Here are just some of my photos from the recent Tennessee State Fair in Nashville.

Waiting in line

Lemonade and more.
Hot Beef Sundae - it was good too.
Come into my parlor...
A shady spot.

It was fun! Next year when we go I hope to see more animals.

I have some more photos I will post soon.

Also: I hope they get more than 2 months to advertise the next one. More people there would even make it better.

AND I do NOT want any property developers to change the location of the Fair. Neither do most people, I think. :-)

Oh - and the Hot Beef Sundae was great. Very tasty!

Here is another link you might like: State Fair Food: New and Classic (my Squidoo page).

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Happy Fairgoer

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