Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get a garden this year!

Get a garden!

 Do you want a garden, need money for seeds or tools? You can join with Community Education and get a $20.00 voucher to help with garden products.

Here is a description of that program from the Soky Happenings site:

Community Action Garden Programs 9:00AM [Friday April 9]
Eligible program participants [can] receive a $20 voucher from Community Action of Southern KY, Inc. Voucher can be used to purchase garden products, such as, garden seeds, garden plants, and/or fertilizers 782-4437

Community Action is located at 171 Center Street in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

And where to plant your garden? They had community garden plots again this year, but they sold out already. They sell out in about three weeks from when they start offering them, Jennifer at the Parks and Rec office said today.

She also said if you are interested in getting one next year, to call in February to find out when they will start selling them.

This information is from the City of Bowling Green site here:

Here is the information from this year:

Annual Rental Fee: (Limit: 2 gardens per household)
-Full Plot (30'x60'):  $20 each
-Small Plot (30'x30'): $15 each Registration
PLOTS ARE SOLD OUT. But they will be doing this again next year.

Here is a free pdf e-book you can download. It is called Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky. You can download it here:

If your computer does not open this file, you need a pdf reader. You can get it for free here, and just download it to your desktop and click on it to put it on your computer. Then restart your computer to be able to open the file. 

You can also grow vegetables in your back yard or even on a small terrace or window too. 

Find out how to do a garden in your yard or on your terrace:
The National Gardening Association
Warren County Cooperative Extension Office
Gardening by the Moon Calendar (from Farmer's Almanac online)
Recession Gardens Trim Grocery Bills, Teach Lessons
Grow a Square Foot Garden
University of Kentucky Vegetable Gardening information
More info. from UK's College of Agriculture pages

The Soky Happenings Tomorrow page

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