Friday, July 10, 2009

Trade your books at McKay's (Nashville)

McKay's is a great used bookstore in Nashville that has tapes, CD's, games, videos, and lots of paperback and hardback books. They have them organized by subject. You can bring your own books, CD's, movies, etc. you have read or seen or just want to sell to them and they will offer you a price. You usually have to wait awhile to get your offer, because it is a popular place. They have an overhead screen you can check for your number they give you. Usually they can tell you how long it will take. You can shop in the meantime or go somewhere and come back soon.

When you get your offer at the desk, you can choose whether to take the price they quote you or take your books back home right then. You will be offered a cash price or a trade price. You can also get more money if you take the Trade option.

When you select the Trade option, they hand you a slip of paper with how much trade value you have, and then you can shop and get NEW (to you) books to take home. You pay them with your slip.

You can find great deals on books here. Some are priced kind of high, but some are way low. Most books are in great condition.

A hint to book traders: McKay's does NOT take ex-library books or books in bad condition. They will give you back books they can't take and it is up to you whether to take them back or just donate them.

Another money-saving secret: outside in bins are the books that people can't trade and don't want anymore. I always check these on my way out.

So... I like it. So if you are in the area, you might want to check it out too.

McKay's Yahoo Listing (has a map and photo too)
McKay's Books - Nashville (hours and company info)
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