Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lions Club Beans and Cornbread meal is today

The Bowling Green Lions Club beans and cornbread meal is today, voting day, Tuesday, November 4th. They have it every year. You can get two kinds of beans, cornbread, margarine, cut-up onions or pickle relish for the top of your bean, plus desserts made the the Lionesses.

You can watch them cook the round cornbread fresh on griddles as you watch, using a secret recipe. It's all you can eat, too.

It's a traditional treat and doesn't cost a lot. It takes place in downtown Bowling Green at the Presbyterian Church. There are signs set up to help you find it, and plenty of table room.

A very good thing about this meal is that as you have your beans and cornbread, you are supporting the Lions Club, which helps people get glasses who can't afford them. Enjoy!
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