Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some great free sites in Bowling Green

Two of the best FREE websites I know of for Bowling Green, Kentucky I want to share here. They are:

#1: The Bowling Green, Kentucky Craigslist site.

Craigslist has many categories.

You can post or find a job, barter, or just read a community message or posting about art, local news, or many other subjects.

It's a fun site - and fun to browse, too.

Here is the link:

#2: The Bowling Green, Kentucky Freecycle Group.

Here is their group site on Yahoo:

Here you can find great stuff that people want to get rid of, or offer your items to people also.

It's a great recycling idea that helps everyone in the community.

The BG Freecycle group has 1387 members as of this posting.
You can edit your settings to only check online (and have no email sent to you), or you can have the group send emails to your email address listed - it's totally up to you.

Find out more about Freecycle groups all over at the Freecycle website here:

E-How explains how to use Craigslist safely.
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